DDoS Protected Virtual Private Servers

Provision a DDoS Protected VPS in less than 120 seconds.

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Our ddos protected vps are perfect for anything from websites to game servers. All of our VPS Hosting plans include blazing fast 100Mbps unmetered ports, so you never have to worry about not having enough bandwidth.

We know that you are busy, so we also offer free migration services from other hosts to DataWagon. Just contact us after you order and we will make sure it gets done!

Simple, reasonable pricing.

We beat the competition to bring you the best deal for a VPS.
vCPU RAM Disk Price
1 1GB 20GB $4.00


2 2GB 35GB $8.00


4 4GB 50GB $15.00


6 6GB 100GB $24.00


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPS?

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is an isolated container running on a machine with dozens of others. The host (or master) shares it's CPU, Memory, Disk, & Internet connection with these containers.

What virtualization platform do you use?

We use OpenVZ 7 for our VPS packages.

Can I upgrade my VPS?

Yes! We offer the ability to scale your server vertically.

What operating systems are available?

We currently offer nearly any flavor of Linux you could possibly fancy. We do not support Windows on our VPS plans.

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